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Avon Flyers Club Guidelines

Before flying, All Pilots must meet certain basic conditions.

1)      Hold a current MAAC membership, be a member of Avon R/C Flyers or have an invitation to fly by a Member of the Club.

2)      For Safety, Pilots who have not completed their Wing's Program may not fly alone at the field. 

3)      All Members and Guests must follow the Avon Flyers Noise Guidelines and observe the Flight Priority Pole, if used.

4)      All Pilots must use restraining devices on their Aircraft when starting. Jets and 50cc or larger Propped Aircraft must be started in the preparation areas outside the Pits.  Absolutely no Taxing in the Pit Area.     

5)      Pilots will only make extended engine run-ups and adjustments to their aircraft away from the Pilot's Stations.

6)      A 72Mhz  frequency pin must be in place on the frequency board before turning on your transmitter. Failure to do so could result in interfering with another Pilot’s aircraft and making you responsible for all damages.

7)      After take-off, the Aircraft shall be directed away from spectators and the Pit/Parking area.

8)      When two or more Pilots are flying, especially when student Pilots are practicing, a circuit direction should be established based on wind direction and/or a general agreement. Pilots shall endeavour to cross the field only in the direction of the circuit.

9)       Pilots shall call their intention when taking off, landing or they are physically on the runway.  Dead stick Aircraft have the right of way!

10)     Parking is allowed only in designated areas. All vehicles must be returned to the Parking area after unloading/loading aircraft.

11)     All visitors and spectators must remain behind the spectator fence unless authorized by a Club Member to be in the Pit Area. Small children and pets must be in the company of adults at all times.

12)     Each flyer is responsible for any damage he or she may cause by negligence.

13)      Helicopter and Drones will fly on the inactive runway. There is No Smoking in the Pit Area

Avon Flyers Noise Guidelines

1)      All Aircraft must be airworthy, adhere to No Fly Zone, Flight Paths and use Throttle Management on East Runway.

2)      All 30cc Gas Engines and Larger, as a minimum, must have large expansion Pitts Mufflers, if available.  All twin cylinder gas engines must have Can Mufflers as a minimum, if available.

3)      All aircraft must be properly propped to reduce noise and all Aircraft must have effective Mufflers.

4)      Only Three Aircraft, in the air, at any one time. Flight Priority Pole, if used, must be observed.

5)      No flying before 9:00 AM.

6)      Excessive Noise can be very subjective.  We all know the "Bark" or High Pitch whine" of a prop whose sound can travel great distances. Reasonable Pilots know what is too loud and your ear is the best Sound Level Device.  Guideline #6 is for the benefit of the Club Members, as a whole, and is expected to be carried out in a Respectful, Fair and Consistent manner. These Guidelines make every Club Member accountable to each other:

         Any Three or more Members have the authority to ground Aircraft which exceeds the Club’s Noise Guidelines or bring it to the attention of a Club Executive Member who will speak to the Pilot and ground the Aircraft.  The Pilot is expected to comply with the request and resolve the issue with his Aircraft.  He may redress the matter by applying to the Club Executive who will review the issue and give a judgement. In any case the Aircraft must not Fly while the matter is being investigated. 

Any Consistent and Deliberate violation of these Guidelines will be grounds for immediate and temporary suspension of flying privileges, if decided by any Executive Member or Three or more Club Members. Penalties will be determined by a Majority vote of the Club Executive.

REMEMBERImproper care and use of  your Aircraft could result in serious Damage or Injury and Excessive Noise will result in the loss of our Field.